The Roulette Strategy Tips

Author: Lisa Carter
If you have never placed a roulette bet before, here are the odds and ends of that game, so you could better understand what you deal with.

Roulette is based on guessing the result of the spinning wheel, which contains 36 spaces corresponding to the numbers from 1 to 36 in a random order across black and red spaces. There is a European style of the game, containing a green “0” space and an American one, containing one more green space with double zero “00”.

What should you do as a player? The answer is very simple; you should just guess where the ball lands after the wheel started to spin. All roulette variations use special chips. You may bet on just one number, or place several chips on different black or red ones. Usually players place spread amount of chips at random, or some of them have their “system” and place chips according to it.

Pick The Color

Choosing a color is a real dilemma for any player. There is a 50% probability of occurring either black or red. It’s recommended to bet on color always. You may invest just a dollar at first, because losing more on each bet would not be very pleasant for any player. In case it’s your first play and you win, play once again and leave the initial bet to get it home. There is one thing which will cost you nothing when playing Roulette, when you should bet an outside table’s one. The colors occurring have always the same chances and you can win several times straight.

Betting on Numbers

You can either bet on numbers from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36. The amount is the same, but such bets are a system of onetime lose or win. You can bet just once or twice. If you win, you have a good amount of money, if you lose, you can either quit or wait another chance and start with a minimum amount again, so you could have your cut and original bet next time.

Betting on Rows

Betting on rows is the same thing as playing with colors. If your first attempt was successful, you can play once again with that winning and keep your original bet aside. In case you lose, go and bet again the same amount to win and cover your loss. If you lose twice, you can quit or double the bet amount and bet once again. Do not double the bets constantly, do it only once. There is a risk of a huge loss.

Force the Zero

As it was stated above, there are 36 numbers and a zero, so 37 numbers in total. The chances of occurring are absolutely equal for any number. The roulette generated by computer uses a certain algorithm for generating the numbers according to real-life Roulette. If you think of a certain number, it might not occur within 84 spins, but it will occur eventually for sure.

Honestly, not lots of gamblers bet on zero. Usually people bet red or black. Zero comes after few blacks and reds. You should wait a bit and try your luck betting on zero then.

Keep in mind that if you place let’s say one dollar on both black and red and let’s say three dollars on zero, and if you are lucky enough to hit your zero within first ten spins, you can make $16. If you manage to do that, then log out and restart the game again or play at another casino. Because the zero will surely occur only within next 30-34 spins only again.

You can try to bet four one dollar chips all on green zero, hit the zero at least once within first 10 spins and make two dollars. There are very high chances of zero occurrences after sixty spins, so if you hit zero twice, you would win an amazing amount.

Now you can place six one dollar chips on zero and one dollar chips both on black and red. Hit zero within your first ten spins and earn at least 42 dollars, since there are high odds of zero occurrence after 30 spins, that way you would get around 180 dollars.

Next time place 8 one dollar chips on zero and one dollar chips both on black and red. Get 16 dollars within your first ten spins. The chances of hitting zero within several first spins are too low.

When we talk about online Roulette, it would be perfect to do the following: place one dollar chip on both black and red and two dollars on zero. After ten spins double that green zero amount, you will hit the zero within your first 60-70 spins and that way you end with a profit each time. Just double your bet after each ten spins.

Follow these simple tips and win for sure!

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