Play Keno Online Canada

Keno Online Did you ever played the game of ancient China? It was played in The Heavenly Empire more than 3000 years ago. And it was a first lottery to be described in magic Chinese book that was first to mention lotteries. Well, it is well-known nowadays not only in Asia but also all over the world. Besides, this game has being not only an entertainment but also has practical side. It is believed that the Great Chinese Wall was built thanks to the money from this lottery. Have you already guess which game do we talk about? Then here is another prompt. It is said this game has Latin origin. In its beginning there were 5 winning numbers that is why it got the name quini. This Latin word means ‘every five’. Later this word also appears in French language.

If you haven’t guessed the name of this game then read the answer. We are talking about keno and keno online. It has numerous advantages that attract customers from any country and any age

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Keno Online has special winning combinations

According to its particularities keno has numerous winning combinations. Even if player guesses 1 number he wouldn’t lose. So players are able to guess 15 combinations. With special payout screen on the left side of the table gambler will see all his payouts, numbers, and other useful information while they play keno online for money.

All possible combos are available at This website can teach new customers how to gamble in keno and recommend the best sites to do it.

To Play Keno Online For Real Money is Popular, because…

Nowadays this lottery is meant to have the highest level of victories. And people all over the world play keno online with desire to be those lucky ones who hit the numbers. Besides, its popularity is also high because the rules is quite simpler that were a thousand years ago.

In general people like keno for several reasons. First of all it is spread in online and standard casinos. Second of all this game proposes good jackpots with minimum efforts. Well, the sums of rewards can’t be compared to numerous other games such as poker or roulette.  But this game doesn’t require from player huge investments and efforts. To play keno online for real money is meant to be an option for chance with minimum risks.

The Rules: How to Play Keno Online

If you want to play live keno online you need to know its rules. So remember that in general there are 80 numbers. They are marked with points from 1 to 80. Every time it is picked up only 20 numbers. To play online keno Canada gambler will use a virtual keno board.

Before starting game player should make his bet by picking up a coin size and plus and minus button. After this step he should choose lucky keno numbers on virtual keyboard. It is allowed to pick any numbers from 1 to 15.

The next step to play keno online for money is to confirm your decision. You may recheck numbers you choose before and make sure everything is okay with them. Now player needs to click bottom ‘Play’. On this stage all active actions from customer’s side are finished. It is turn of machine to shoot out 20 balls. These 20 numbers will be winners. Now it is only needed to compare own numbers with winnings. As more balls are matched as higher are the winnings.

Top 3 Tips for Online Keno

So this game has simple counts for victory. As more balls did player guess as higher reward he will earn. According to the fact that all winning numbers are picked up by special machines hardly customers may have no suspicious thoughts and complain about fairness of the gameplay. So let’s find out how the amount of winning numbers influences on the final sum of reward.

Here are 3 examples with counts for beginners who want to play keno live:

  • If customer guesses 1 number he wins in 3 times more his bet.
  • If customer finds out 3 numbers he wins more cash. Let’s count the final sum: 1 match backs the player’s bet, 2 matches doubles bet, 3 matches pays in 16 times more than the basic bet.
  • If customer guesses all 15 numbers then 5 matches backs the bet, 6 matches doubles bet, and 15 matches brings a grand keno jackpot. The jackpot sum for Canadian players is 10000 times more the sum of the player’s bet.

Online Keno Canada Strategy

What about special strategies? Well, keno online has no official strategies but experienced gamblers noticed several options how to play more profitable. Here are 7 important strategies:

  1. To find gambling establishment with the highest payout. Such casinos are checked by other people so new gambler will know what to expect. People can use its advantages including good services and variety of useful data for newbies and experienced players.
  2. Play with bonuses before placing own money. If the casino is reliable it proposes new players a kind of demo version. It means that they can play all or selected games using welcome bonus. This bonus is gifted by casino and allows checking all possible advantages of gambling establishment.
  3. Do not pick as more numbers as is possible. There is optimal amount of numbers. It is from 5 to 6 balls. Every one aspire to know which amount has more chances to win. Notice that 7 and up balls reduce the chances for victory. So all players should remember that 10 and more numbers will have more negative consequences than positive.
  4. Have your lucky numbers. Sixth sense is quite hard feeling in keno online that can bring luck and even victory. It may be any important day in your life such as day of birth, wedding day, etc. Of course this strategy is not proven but has trends to be fair.
  5. Use special numbers. Can you imagine that you must pick several balls from 80? It is quite hard, so player may have own logic in choosing numbers. Experts advise picking up consecutive balls. According to results in keno, bingo, and other lotteries such numbers come out quite often. To find out such consecutive numbers player should observe gameplays in lottery games.
  6. Also it is recommended to choose numbers that were not mentioned for a while. All balls are picked up according to Random Number Generator, but several numbers may appear more often if they were not come out for a long time.
  7. Don’t forget about multi-race cards. Such option means that the customer is offered with multi-race cards where the gamblers can select their balls only once in ticket and use the document for several games. Such strategy is good for saving players’ time.

So there are lots of reasons why free keno online is in demand. It has easy gameplay and always gives players to win. Who doesn’t want to be sure in his victory? That’s why it is adorable among a million people from the whole globe.