All You Should Know About Random Number Generators

Author: Lisa Carter
Thousands of people enjoy their gambling experience, including the foretaste of the huge winning and those flashing lights. Everyone adores pushing the magic buttons, but have you ever thought, what’s behind those spinning reels? How do the combinations appear? Are the games random at all? You’ll find out the truth as soon as you learn more on Random Number Generators or RNG.

What Is the Random Number Generator (RNG)?

The Random Number Generator is considered to be the brain of any slot machine. The RNG, in fact, is a microprocessor, similar to the one run in your PC. It contains a certain program generating those numbers at a necessary moment. Unlike the old models being totally mechanical, each of the modern slots is operated by RNG.

Can you imagine that RNG generates numbers from one to billion hundreds of times within a second? Each number determines the reels’ position. It means, when you press the button or pull your handle, you just make the machine show the position of the latest generated numbers. The RNG predetermines the outcome of the play and you cannot change it. The speed you play with can by no means increase your chances to win.

Each generator uses the unique formula constantly and renders totally unpredictable results. The computer knows the outcome as soon as you start spinning. It’s a sort of a mathematic operation, and nothing is random at math.

Functions of the RNG

The Random Number Generators are moving constantly. The RNG keeps selecting its random numbers each millisecond, when the machine is running. Thus, the main RNG function is generating those numbers. The numbers should correspond to the symbols on the machine’s reels. For that purpose the value of the numbers is being translated into a certain set of numbers.

The RNG is generating the number. That number predetermines the outcome of each and every spin. As soon as you push the spin button or pull the handle, the number is chosen.

The functions of the RNG are implemented via a certain algorithm. Yes, when generating the numbers, a series of instructions is used. All this makes the machine dispassionate and totally accurate.

It’s not a secret everyone wonders whether he can cheat the RNG. Well, theoretically it could be possible, but most people aren’t able to do that. The history knows some exceptions though.

How is RNG Used in Casino Games?

In fact, the RNG are used in each and every casino games, the newest slot machines, but they are applied in different ways. The effect of the RNG should be simplified for producing helpful outcomes. The French Roulette, for example, is supposed to produce numbers from 0 to 36 for each virtual wheel’s spin; all is based on an incoming number which can vary from zero to billions.

The software can reach that in few ways. For example, to simplify a 32-bit number into a number from 0 to 36, the following method can be used: Simplified Value = Generated Value/Maximum Possible Value/37. Let’s say. The RNG generates a 32-bit value of 3,000,000,000, and then it will work like that: 3,000,000,000/ (4,294,968,295/36= 119303437.0833) = 25.1460

That number will be rounded up to 26, it will be reduced in value by 1 in order to give it parity with numbers on the roulette wheel, and number 25 will be the outcome of the spin!

There are almost no chances of landing the same number again thanks to the combination of RNG and software.

Does RNG Mean that the Games are Fair?

Needless to say each licensed reputable casinos are carefully tested, as well as their software. Who does this? This all is done by 3rd party companies, such as TST (Technical Systems Testing), owned by GLI (Gaming Laboratories International). The company delivers a wide range of consulting and testing to all online and land based casinos and gambling institutions. They provide RNG, Game and math evalutions, RNG and game payout verifications, betting, sportbook, live dealer exchange evaluations etc.

The casinos passing the verification get a fair game certificate, which means the games are random and can’t be influenced by potential payoff size, number of credits etc. and that the machines meet the minimum payout percentage rates established by gambling commissions or authorities. The rules like that vary depending on the country you are playing from.

Thus, remember that each of the game results is truly random and by no means depend on you!

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