Roulette strategy tips

The Roulette Strategy TipsAuthor: Lisa Carter
If you have never placed a roulette bet before, here are the odds and ends of that game, so you could better understand what you deal with.

Roulette is based on guessing the result of the spinning wheel, which contains 36 spaces corresponding to the numbers from 1 to 36 in a random order across black and red spaces. There is a European style of the game, containing a green “0” space and an American one, containing one more green space with double zero “00”.

Basic blackjack strategy

The Blackjack Strategy TipsAuthor: Lisa Carter
Sure, Blackjack is probably the world’s most loved card casino game. But are you familiar with the game’s protocols and procedures? The following information will help you avoid lots of mistakes when playing Blackjack.

What is Basic Blackjack Strategy?

In order to play Blackjack you should master the basic strategy. It means you should calculate the best move in a certain circumstance depending on your cards and the dealer’s card. What is the goal of the basic strategy? Of course, to win the highest number of times, as well as get as high winnings, as possible. And last, but not least to reduce possible losses.

How Works Online Slot Casinos

Random Number GeneratorsAuthor: Lisa Carter
Thousands of people enjoy their gambling experience, including the foretaste of the huge winning and those flashing lights. Everyone adores pushing the magic buttons, but have you ever thought, what’s behind those spinning reels? How do the combinations appear? Are the games random at all? You’ll find out the truth as soon as you learn more on Random Number Generators or RNG.

Twist and Vulkan Casino: False Licensing and Pirated Slots

Twist and Vulkan CasinoAuthor: Lisa Carter
Twist and Vulkan Casino, two sister casinos, were found out to pass off fake games from a pretty famous provider Novomatic. The casinos are both Russian and owned by Twist Services Ltd, the US players are accepted at both of them. So, what was hiding behind?

Fake Games at Twist and Vulkan Casinos

After the LCB research, it became clear that the games offered by Twist and Vulkan didn’t even resemble the genuine Novomatic games, and it wasn’t hard for anyone to feel the difference. The copies of the games were the worst anyone could imagine. Even the help button seemed to be fake, let alone menu options, fonts, screens, buttons or launcher.

10 best gambling movies

The Best Gambling Movies to WatchAuthor: Lisa Carter
Here is the list of the best gambling movies ever. If you cannot imagine your life without casino, take a break to count your winnings, relax and watch the following movies to get inspired for new experience.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

That British masterpiece is one of the best gambling movies ever by Guy Ritchie. In fact, any gambler would enjoy any movie by Guy Ritchie. Lock Stock is a real classic of gambling movies though. A too confident gambler gets help from his three best friends to swing a scam of all centuries, while he has gambling debts up to £500,000. He earned this debt in a card game with the mafia. Learn how to avoid playing with the con men with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.