Play Blackjack Online Canada

Blackjack Online If it is boring to play games by your own then don’t gamble this ways. Customers have numerous options to have fun. So players of real casino will be jealous to online gamblers. And the reason is simple: with minimum efforts they get the same result and even more. It is about well- known blackjack online. Thanks to its numerous advantages this game is in demand all over the world. People play blackjack from Las Vegas to Macau and recommend it for newbies.

The amount of gameplays is constantly increasing. For instance, it was more than 1,1 milliard of Games in 2009, and in 2010 it was almost 2 milliards. Nowadays a third part of all gamblers consider blackjack their favorite game. Maybe it has happened because of its simple rules, but blackjack is also knows to give players all benefits. Casino has nearly 0,5% of benefits.

The online blackjack might be a common table game for numerous players, but it has an ability to rescue lives. How it is possible? When Frederic Smith founded American FedEx Corporation he faced with financial issues. He must pay for fuel almost $24000, but had only $5000. Then he decided to make all-in. Smith took all money he has and went to Las Vegas. He played blackjack with $5000 and won $27000.

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Blackjack Online And Its Kinds

Though blackjack is a simple game but it also has several variations. In a result players can enjoy variety of gameplays in favorite game. So here are the most popular kinds of online blackjack:

  • the general. It is also called American blackjack. This free online blackjack means that players gamble with dealer that has one open card and one hidden card. If dealer has facing ace or 10 then he may open a hidden card. If he has 21 points then the game finishes.
  • the European. It is similar to American gameplay, but has a difference in cards opening. The dealer should wait for every Canadian players getting own cards. And only after this he can check his hidden card. In case dealer has blackjack then players will have their bets back without insurance.

These 2 kinds are the most popular variants to play blackjack online. Also there are special versions with unique name. Among them are Super fan 21, Blackjack switch, Double exposure, Spanish 21.

Blackjack Online May Impress With Interesting Facts

There are several interesting facts about blackjack that may impress players. Have you ever known that:

  • There are several terms in gameplay which were taken from baseball.
  • Napoleon was a huge fan of blackjack. He was very hot-tempted person and liked to play this game while being prisoned. There is well-known that he always got victory and dumped rivals.
  • Every player is interested in online blackjack real money (Canada is not the exception) with small amount of cards. In such a way he has more chances to win.
  • There is a special Blackjack Hall of Fame in San Diego. People who did win there before also got free drinks, meals and living in the hotel to the last days of their lives. But playing in that casino they can’t.
  • Professor Al Franco created a team blackjack game. He played with a group of students and even won millions. Have you seen a Hollywood movie ‘21 and over’? So guys from this film were real people.

So there are really a lot interesting things about blackjack online game. Canada and other countries may enjoy its benefits from any place on the globe thanks to benefits. There are lots of options to pay for online blackjack Canada. PayPal is also available.

The Rules: How to Play Blackjack Online Real Money

This classic table games has several rules, but brings much more interest and exciting emotions. It is said that everyone can play blackjack even if he doesn’t know any rule. But frankly speaking such knowledge will bring much more chances for victory. Let’s clear up all useful information about blackjack gameplay.

The game starts when all players place bets. All gamblers get 2 cards. These cards may be facing or down. After this it is a turn for everyone. Each player at the table has to hit. It means that he should take additional cards to improve own situation. But it is not an obvious step, because player may stop and do not take any additional cards. Such situation may happen when in the beginning of the game customer get 10 and 9, 10 and 10, or even 10 and ace.

There are all basic rules of blackjack online. If customer knows the card value then he can start playing.

Top 5 Tips to Play Blackjack Online

Edward Torp was a launched of blackjack. In the early 60s he had written a book about winning a dealer. Numerous casinos didn’t like it because this book allowed people to win more. So the 20th century was a period when blackjack rules were always changing to give casinos more advantages.

What about this game nowadays? Well, it is popular, interesting, and easy. What else do numerous gamblers all over the world need? They are looking for several tips to play live blackjack Canada and win.

Notice that there are special tips how to count the final sum of your cards. Every card has its value:

  • cards from 2 till 10 has its value;
  • face cards starts with 2 points (Jack), 3 points (Queen), 4 points (King).
  • ace has 11 points.

Usually blackjack can include 1-7 players beside dealer. Every gambler plays against dealer no matter how many people are sitting at the table.

Online Blackjack Strategy

There is only one important strategy to win. Customer should gather cards with total amount of 21 or closer to this sum but not more than dealer. If player has 22 and more points he loses.

Let’s learn more about useful strategies. Here they are:

  1. Classic strategy. Most players consider that if they have 12 points on their hands it is too risky to take new cards. But they are wrong in the long-lasting strategy. According to expert analyze such tactics reduce the chance for victory for 4%. There is a special list exist that demonstrates players their chances for victory. For instance, if you get 16 it is better to give up and have half of your bet back.
  2. Double strategy. It has common ideas with Martingale strategy in roulette, so allows getting blackjack online real money. And maybe this system has no benefit in sport, but it is effective for blackjack. This strategy means that customer should double his bet after losing and placing standard bet after winning.
  3. Hi-Lo count. This one is very simple and spread strategy so it is often used by newbies. According to this system gambler should count cards.
  4. 1-3-2-6 system. It works in such a way: if you win then you should increase bet according to the numbers in listed above turn.
  5. In the beginning of the game the player should decide his personal minimum and maximum bet. In the first Play Blackjack he puts the minimal bet. The amount of next bet depends on the result of the current game: if player wins he will put maximum sum, if he loses then he will place minimum bet. This strategy is keeping till the game loses.

So blackjack includes simple gameplay, skills to think and count, and great selection of strategies. It is important to use all popular strategies time after time according to current situation. In such case a player has 49,75% chances to win that is much more than in roulette!