The Blackjack Strategy Tips

The Blackjack Strategy TipsAuthor: Lisa Carter
Sure, Blackjack is probably the world’s most loved card casino game. But are you familiar with the game’s protocols and procedures? The following information will help you avoid lots of mistakes when playing Blackjack.

What is Basic Blackjack Strategy?

In order to play Blackjack you should master the basic strategy. It means you should calculate the best move in a certain circumstance depending on your cards and the dealer’s card. What is the goal of the basic strategy? Of course, to win the highest number of times, as well as get as high winnings, as possible. And last, but not least to reduce possible losses.
Actually, the more you play, the less you refer to the Blackjack Strategy guide. Some casinos allow their players to use the printed reference paper at the table, but surely not on your mobile device.

The basic strategy allows you to understand when to hit and when to stand. If you want to learn the basic strategy well, do not try to learn each possible hand, but rather concentrate on the borderline hands. Everyone knows practice makes perfect, so you should choose several trusted online resources to apply your knowledge.

Blackjack Strategy Risk

If a player uses basic strategy, the return to player, RTP, under the standard rules should be 99.63%. It’s pretty high, and that’s why this is such a widespread game. While the RTP is so high in that game, however, the variation is low and the highest possible payout to one hand is 3:2. I.e. you aren’t able to win a big amount all in one session.

Moreover, the basic strategy isn’t a warranty to win. Even when following the guide without question, the RTP will be below 100% anyways. But even when your several results are bad, do not deviate from it. When playing with the basic strategy you’ll always surpass those players who follow their instincts. It’s not true when they say the basic strategy should just be used on the first drawn, it should be used constantly, when making each decision.

Blackjack Odds of Winning

The house edge is a theoretical number, calculated by gathering all bets made at table, and multiplied by the percentage that casino could keep. A return percentage is a percentage of the bet that could be returned to the players in case each decision was statistically correct. For example, a 95% rate is 100-95, i.e. 5% house edge. It means your loss percentage is 5%.

Improving Your Blackjack Odds

Blackjack is a very desirable game, and it offers the most amazing winning odds to its players. Increasing your odds is possible only if you learn all the variables affecting the odds, which ate cumulative. The formula is like that: the real house edge for a certain blackjack table = standard house edge + all the rules in your favor-all the rules against you.

Hit or Stand?

Thinking on taking or not another card is the last thing you should do when applying to basic strategy. You should use hit or stand option if any other isn’t appropriate for your hand.


After you get your first 2 cards, you are entitled double your original bet. If the rules allow, you will be given a chance to double down as soon as the cards are dealt.

Splitting Cards

Split or not to split is another important decision. You can get this option only in case your first 2 cards appear to be a pair or if there are two 10 – valued cards, e.g. a king and a jack. Ask yourself when the answer is NO you can’t or you shouldn’t split. Never split the tens, and always the aces.

When to Double Down

That option rules vary in different casinos. In most of them, a player is entitled to double down on any 2 original cards. Some casinos allow doubling down a blackjack even, whether you play online or live. In some casinos there is a restriction to double down hard total of 9, 10 or 11; the exception is your first 2 cards total that amount. Most casinos allow doubling down right after splitting a pair.

Blackjack Surrender

The surrender option is available only when you deal the first 2 cards. The moment you take a hit card, you won’t be able to surrender. So, think of surrendering right after starting to play your hand.

Blackjack Insurance

It is a way of protecting your hand in case the dealer has a blackjack, which means an immediate loss. If the dealer got a blackjack, those players who took insurance are going to lose original wager, but they win insurance side bet and get odds in the ratio 2-1. A benefit is that the gambler might not win anything, but also will not lose any money.

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