The Best Gambling Movies to Watch – Recommended to Everyone

Author: Lisa Carter
Here is the list of the best gambling movies ever. If you cannot imagine your life without casino, take a break to count your winnings, relax and watch the following movies to get inspired for new experience.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

That British masterpiece is one of the best gambling movies ever by Guy Ritchie. In fact, any gambler would enjoy any movie by Guy Ritchie. Lock Stock is a real classic of gambling movies though. A too confident gambler gets help from his three best friends to swing a scam of all centuries, while he has gambling debts up to £500,000. He earned this debt in a card game with the mafia. Learn how to avoid playing with the con men with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.


The team of the MIT college students led by their professor tries and counts their cards. Professor teaches the students to use a card-counting system for clearing out each and every casino to pay for their tuition. One casino security system starts noticing their act and that moment things go wrong. Can you imagine the plot is based on a true story? The so-called MIT Blackjack team really existed and cheated lots of casinos before being caught. The movie is really worth watching it!


Who hasn’t seen Ocean’s Eleven with Brad Pitt and George Clooney? The star cast movie of 2001 will impress any gambler. George Clooney is playing Danny Ocean who is just out of prison and wants to take revenge on the owner of the casino. His amazing team creates a wonderful plan; they rob three casinos in just a one evening. The plot is exciting and impresses everyone.

The Cincinnati Kid

A movie created in 1965 is pretty old, but still up-to-date. An American classic is at your disposal. The plot describes the story of Steve McQueen, the world’s greatest poker player. McQueen must beat Lancey “The Man” Howard who is a veteran gambler, in order to be called the best poker player ever.

The Gambler

A new remake of the 1974 classic movie was made in 2014 with Mark Wahlberg playing the leading role. An ordinary literature professor who thinks he obviously must have everything or simply nothing at all. Such a life philosophy took him to the casino. He becomes gambling addicted and owes a huge debt. The gambling ring owner gives him a week for paying off the debt, whether with the help of cash or his own life. Since the man longs for living, he wants his students to help him find money….

Casino Royale

Well, everyone knows James Bond, a secret 007 agent. That time he has a mission at Casino Royale trying to expose a weapons dealer. In that movie more than just money is on the table.

Owning Mahowny

Another real life based story. Dan Mahowny, who became a bank employee when he was 24, got access to a multi-million dollar account. He was respected by everyone, including his boss. Noone suspected him to be a gambling addicted person. Being in a difficult situation, Dan starts withdrawing huge amounts from bank clients’ accounts and going to Atlantic City weekly. His attempts to win were desperate and he was losing everything in one of the casinos. He surely failed to stop on time and that was a huge fiasco.


Are you a gambling lover, but do not have any skills for a successful play? Then get a job of a croupier. Jack Manfred, a croupier who was watching others win one day got inspired to write an amazing book. Noone knows where inspiration finds you.

The Good Thief

An aging gambler decides to rob a casino, but the situation suddenly turns against him, someone called the cops who interfere in his plans.

California Split

A movie created in 1970’s is probably a favorite gambling movie of each card player. So you should surely watch it. The movie is directed by Robert Altman. It shows why the poker players are looked down by those, for who the table is a trade tool.

Killing Them Softly

A movie created in 2012 with Brad Pitt starring. Some poker players play to win and others wait for the high-rollers and steal everything because of being shitty players and having no chance of winnings. The plot is about an amateur crook hired by one shitty player to rob a game hosted by Mafia. Needless to say, Mafia bosses start their investigation murdering anyone who could be involved in that scene.

Some of the gambling movies are better than others, but all of them are surely worth watching if you really love casino!

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